IMDB has created a list of the top 1,000 movies from the years 2006-2016. IMDB has ranked these movies from #1 to #1,000 and has provided extra information about them through a data set. I've taken their top 1,000 ranked movie data set to create a way for you to easily see the movies that they have ranked through these years, the revenue for these movies, and more information about them in general. This data is interesting to see what IMDB has concluded is the top ranked movies between 2006-2016. Look through the data and see for yourself!

Top Ranked by Year

IMDB has ranked 1,000 movies from the years 2006-2016 with ranking #1 because the highest and #1,000 because the lowest. Choose a year from the drop-down to see the top ranked movie from each year and see what they rank within the 1,000.

Top Movie Revenue

IMDB has also provided these movies overall revenue. Choose from the drop-down to either look at the top 5 ranked movies revenue, the top 5 rated movies revenue, or the top 5 movies with the highest revenue. You'll see that even though it's a well rated or ranked movie, doesn't mean that they made the most money!

Top 1,000 ranked movies and all their information.

Lastly, take a look at all the movies yourself! Search a year and see all ranked movies from that year or see all of the 1,000 ranked movies at once. Maybe you'll find a movie for your next movie night!



Total ranked movies: